Volcanic tuff in Colac

Volcanic tuff rock has been used in construction since ancient times. Tuff is compacted volcanic material, formed during an eruption when ash and other sedimentary materials settle around the rim and sides of the volcano. These deposits mix with surface conditions, including air, water and lava as it travels and cools, and are compacted into solid rock.

Wombat‘ is a local name used for volcanic tuff rock found within Colac and district, and is famous throughout the region. Coragulac Quarries sources wombat by digging up the rim of an extinct volcano.

There is a history of volcanic activity in Colac, and older tuffs have been cemented together by pressure over time. Each new explosion deposited additional materials, leading to the formation of tuff rings and tuff cones.

Volcanic tuff rock is composed of many different materials, depending on the nature of the eruption and the minerals contained in the explosions, as well as natural elements of the surrounding area.

Softer than the scoria our quarry sources in Colac, volcanic tuff rock is ideal to use as an alternative to driveway gravel. It’s also easy to shape into stones for building purposes, like outdoor walls or landscape sculptures.

Wombat volcanic tuff products

  • raw wombat
  • 5mm minus wombat
  • 10mm minus wombat
  • 20mm minus wombat
  • 50mm minus wombat
  • 100mm minus wombat
  • 50mm rubble
  • 100mm rubble.

No matter the size of volcanic tuff rock you require, we offer contract screening services for gravel and a wide range of our Colac quarry products.

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