Landscaping rocks, Colac

Landscaping rocks are an outstanding feature for any property, offering a low-maintenance, affordable and highly versatile decoration. Coragulac Quarries works with both residential home-owners and commercial landscape gardeners to provide high-quality basalt and scoria landscaping rocks across Colac and Geelong.

Choose from different shapes, sizes and textures to suit a wide variety of features and applications, including:

  • garden beds and rock gardens
  • sculptures
  • fountains, ponds, creek beds and other water features
  • decorative pathways or paving
  • steps
  • rock walls
  • retaining walls
  • firepits.

Scoria rock is a popular choice for garden landscaping, with its famous purplish-red colour formations and lightweight composition. Relatively strong, scoria is commonly used in retaining walls. The unique texture, created by cavities formed during the rock’s creation, also makes scoria ideal for garden sculptures and features like fountains.

For the classic blue-grey look, basalt offers a huge range of options. The darker colours create a beautiful contrast against trees and plants, while the flatter composition makes basalt easy to use in any formation or structure, for a strong and long-lasting feature.

In addition to decorative purposes, landscaping rocks have many other physical features, making them a useful addition to any property. Landscaping rocks protect soils from direct sunlight and conserve water, reducing the frequency of watering needed, as well as maintaining temperature control.

Contact the experts at Coragulac Quarries for advice on the right rock type, size and colours for any project. You’ll deal directly with our owners, ensuring the seamless sourcing and delivery of your landscaping rocks. We also provide plant hire for Colac and surrounding areas, making it affordable for our customers to complete projects on their own schedule.

Coragulac Quarries recently supplied Monash University with scoria landscaping rock for its new earth sciences garden. Find out more and read about other quarry news on our blog.