Laneways, tracks and contract screening services, Colac

Preparation is the key to the quality completion of any project. Coragulac Quarries provides plant equipment and highly skilled operators to service the farming, agricultural, construction and gardening industries. From farm track construction and repair to contract screening, Colac relies on our 50 years’ experience to establish strong foundations for a variety of land uses.

Farming and construction

It’s important to ensure any farming land or other agricultural property is accessible by serviceable farm tracks and laneways. Not only do these provide easy entry and exit from properties, they also serve as tracks for animal transport.

At Coragulac Quarries, we recommend using gravel. Easily packable, gravel ensures good coverage and reduces build-up of dirt and mud in heavy traffic areas. It’s also fire-retardant, which is an important factor in emergency access to your property.

Our gravel screening service ensures the highest consistency in shape and size for the best coverage, and a high-quality track made to last. We can also screen gravel for farm track repair and resurfacing.

Landscaping and gardening

Soil health is integral to any landscaping, gardening or farming project. Whether you’re trying to correct your existing soil or laying a new field, our soil screening service promotes optimum grass, plant and produce growth.

Prior to, or as part of, improving soil health, we can also screen fertilisers and compost. Screening involves removing debris and other items that prevent nutrients from reaching soil and plants.

To find out more about our plant hire in Colac, or the range of quarry products we can provide for landscaping and construction projects, please contact Coragulac Quarries.

Track & Laneway Construction and Repair

Coragulac Quarries construct, repair and resurface laneways and tracks for farms and other private properties. We provide end-to-end service, from heavy duty equipment and expert operators, to a variety of high-grade quarry products. No matter the size or location of your track, we’ve got industry-leading machinery and equipment to get the job done to a high...

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Contract Screening

Coragulac Quarries offers a contract screening service to farmers, earthmoving contractors and civil contractors across the Colac Otway Shire and beyond. This service involves providing plant equipment and an operator to screen materials on a farm or other site before the materials are added to farm pastures and roads. The screening process involves using a vibrating...

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