Agricultural lime suppliers in Colac

If you need a corrective substance for the soil on your property, Coragulac Quarries are the experts in agricultural lime across the Colac Otway Shire and Geelong. Our limestone quarry provides a high-quality, affordable method to increase plant growth – leading to higher crop yields and better grazing for animals.

Agricultural lime, or ag lime, is crushed or pulverised limestone. Primarily comprised of calcium carbonate, ag lime is known for its corrective effects on soil. It can be incorporated into soil or used as a top dressing.

The main benefit and most common use for ag lime is to reduce soil acidity. However, there are multiple positive effects on soil, including:

  • providing added calcium and magnesium to plants
  • increased water penetration for acidic soil
  • improved mineral absorption of plant nutrients like phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen.

Agricultural lime is most commonly used for farming land, but has a variety of applications across different industries. Commercial clients include power plants, where agricultural lime is used to reduce nitrogen and sulfur dioxide emissions from coal burners.

In addition to soil alkalisation, limestone is used in combination with other landscape supplies as an inexpensive base for:

With Coragulac Quarries, you’ll deal directly with our owners, who have more than two decades’ experience delivering end-to-end service, from limestone delivery to laying, compacting and rolling.

Please contact us to find out more about our full range of Colac quarry products.

Agricultural lime products available through Coragulac Quarries

  • Ag lime
  • 20mm limestone.