Colac crushed rock suppliers

Crushed rock is one of the most versatile building materials. Ideal for a huge range of uses, and an affordable option for domestic and commercial builders alike, Coragulac Quarries produces a very high grade of basalt rock.

We have more than 50 years’ experience as Colac’s crushed rock suppliers, whether helping mum and dad lay a driveway, or working with landscape builders to create weather-resistant garden structures.

The basalt rock produced by Coragulac Quarries is crushed, so it works well in a wide range of applications. The composition and cut of basalt means it allows good drainage, while still packing well in comparison with aggregate materials.

Crushed basalt rock products at Coragulac Quarries

  • crusher dust
  • 20mm crushed rock
  • 40mm crushed rock
  • 75mm crushed rock
  • breaching rocks
  • basalt spalls
  • scalps.

Crushed rock is commonly used in both domestic and industrial construction as driveway gravel. Other popular uses include:

  • road construction and repair
  • garden paths, walkways, mulch and paving for patios
  • basalt spalls are suitable for gabion baskets, often found on rock walls at the side of highways or in landscaping projects.

Please contact us to find out what type of crushed rock is best suited to your project and budget.

Coragulac Quarries also provides scoria rock to Colac and Geelong, and offer plant equipment hire for a wide range of projects..