Drainage aggregate, Colac

Aggregate, also sometimes called drainage rock, is a multipurpose building material. The rocks, available in various sizes are an economic option for residential and commercial builders alike, as well as industrial sites. If you’re looking for high-quality quarry aggregate around Colac, come to the experts at Coragulac Quarries.

Aggregates are an environmentally friendly choice, comprised of recycled crushed rock. Not only will you help reduce landfill and pollution, but the simpler production method makes quarry aggregates a cheaper option than purchasing new rock.

The experts at Coragulac Quarries can advise the right size and type of aggregate for any purpose, as well as ensure you order and receive the correct volume. If you do over-order, save your aggregate to put to a number of uses, including:

  • drainage rock and filtering for gardens
  • backfilling retaining walls
  • water-sealing foundations and erosion control
  • protecting pathways from dirt build-up
  • pipe bedding
  • crushed concrete aggregate
  • decorative landscaping.

Our commitment to exceptional service means you’ll receive your orders on time and complete your project within budget. Please contact Coragulac Quarries in Colac for further enquiries.

Colac aggregate drainage rock products

  • 7mm drainage rock
  • 20mm drainage rock
  • 32mm drainage rock.

Please take a look at our full range of quarry products available throughout Colac and Geelong, including topsoil and chook manure.