Fertiliser, soil, compost and gravel screening for Colac

Coragulac Quarries offers a contract screening service to farmers, earthmoving contractors and civil contractors across the Colac Otway Shire and beyond. This service involves providing plant equipment and an operator to screen materials on a farm or other site before the materials are added to farm pastures and roads.

The screening process involves using a vibrating screen to filter out debris including:

  • rocks and stones
  • rubbish
  • plants
  • sticks and wood
  • metals
  • concrete and bricks
  • plastics.

Screening also ensures all material is a similar size for ideal packing and maximum coverage when laying.

Common services offered by Coragulac Quarries include soil screening, fertiliser and compost screening and gravel screening. Ensuring these materials are uncontaminated allows nutrients to reach plants and encourages growth, leading to optimum health and output for your land.

Screening has a massive range of applications for home DIY-ers, commercial landscapers and the building industry, including:

  • farm track construction and repairs
  • creating building and garden structure foundations
  • laying pathways
  • landscaping
  • correcting soil health
  • planting for fruit, vegetables and other plants
  • top dressing lawns.

Please contact Coragulac Quarries to find out more or request a contract screening quote.

If you’re completing a landscaping project, we also provide extensive equipment and plant hire around Colac, as well as affordable landscape supplies.