Scoria rock, Colac

Scoria is a dark-coloured volcanic rock, generally found in blacks and browns through to purples and reds. It’s categorised by vesicles – cavities in the rocks, created by volcanic gases as magma erupts, travelling and cooling to lava. Coragulac Quarries produces high-grade scoria for Colac and Geelong.

One of the main benefits of scoria rock is its composition – the vesicles create a lightweight and porous rock with high relative strength. Scoria is available in multiple forms to cover a huge range of applications:

  • scoria rocks and stones are popular for landscaping features, especially with their striking colour formations of purplish-red. They can also be used in place of drainage aggregate for garden beds and as a backfiller for retaining walls.
  • scoria gravel is more common in driveways, footpaths, laneways and farm tracks. Like red gravel, it’s used as a seal to reduce mud issues in high-traffic areas.

Other uses for scoria include pipe bedding, barbecue stones, concrete aggregate, packing sand and road base material. It can also be used in areas requiring high-temperature operation.

If you’re looking for a softer construction rock,  we’re also a leading supplier of Colac’s famous volcanic tuff, nicknamed ‘wombat‘ by the locals.

Scoria rock, stones and gravel products in Colac

  • raw scoria
  • 5mm minus scoria
  • 10mm minus scoria
  • 20mm minus scoria
  • 7mm red scoria
  • scoria rubble
  • scalped raw scoria.

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