Crushed concrete and brick, Colac

Recycling concrete is an environmentally friendly practice growing in popularity. When concrete buildings and other structures are demolished, the aggregate can be transported to a quarry for crushing and recycling.

At Coragulac Quarries, we can crush concrete aggregate for re-use. The concrete must be free from contaminants like wood and paper and other rubbish, and the crushing process involves removing metals and filtering out other particles.

Recycled crushed concrete is a cost-effective building material, often used as a gravel for roads, farm tracks, driveways and other paths. Depending on the size and aesthetics of the crushed concrete, it can also be used in retaining walls and in place of landscaping rocks.

Crushed concrete offers a wide range of benefits in comparison to buying new concrete, including:

  • reducing pollution through a simpler production method
  • decreasing landfill waste
  • lower cost for home owners and commercial customers due to reduction in processing.

If you want to add a bit of colour to your garden or patio, crushed brick is a great alternative to concrete. Involving much the same process as crushed concrete, old or unused bricks can be crushed to a variety of sizes and shapes to add character and texture to your home or business. Crushed brick can be used in road bases, paths, driveways, garden mulch and even tennis courts.

Please contact Coragulac Quarries with any enquiries. We also provide high-grade crushed rock to Colac and Geelong.

Coragulac Quarries crushed concrete and brick products

  • 40mm crushed concrete
  • crushed brick.