Mulch, Colac

Coragulac Quarries is committed to environmentally friendly practices that promote regeneration. Our machinery and expertise makes us a premier supplier of garden mulch in Colac. Ensuring the ongoing health of soils and land with mulch is an important part of sourcing many of our quarry products and landscaping supplies.

Mulch can create a visually appealing feature in your garden, and fulfills important functions for ongoing garden health, including:

  • regulating constant soil temperature
  • protecting soil, keeping it moist and reducing watering frequency
  • preventing weed growth and ensuring plants receive the nutrients they need.

Organic garden mulch materials have the added benefit of transmitting organic matter back to the soil as they break down, encouraging soil health, drainage and plant regeneration.

Organic garden mulch products available throughout Colac

  • wood chips
  • sawdust
  • pine mulch.

Our experts help select the best mulch for your individual purpose, taking into consideration the size of your area, plant types and any aesthetic requirements. Each of our mulches is screened to ensure consistency of chip size and achieve the best coverage and results for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • soil health and regeneration
  • garden beds
  • flower and herb potting
  • trees
  • vegetable gardens.

In some cases, you can substitute pebbles and gravel in place of mulch to help reduce weed growth and watering needs. Our Colac quarry products include gravel for domestic and commercial mulching.

Please contact us with further enquiries.