About Coragulac Quarries in Colac

Coragulac Quarries has been in business for more than 50 years, locally owned and run by Phil Boyd and Steve Lang for the past 20 years.

We pride our business on highly personalised service – whether you need scoria rock for a large commercial landscape project or gravel for your home driveway – you’ll deal directly with Phil and Steve. Our end-to-end service incorporates everything from sourcing custom quarry products for your particular needs, to delivering, laying, compacting and rolling:

Our quarry is known around the Colac area for sourcing high-quality wombat. The volcanic tuff is formed when ash, rocks and debris erupt from a volcano and settle around the rim of the volcano. As they settle, the materials interact and react with the natural surroundings – including air, water, minerals and gases – and solidify. Colac has a history of volcanic activity, and each subsequent eruption adds a new layer of compaction. Coragulac Quarries produce wombat by digging up the rims of extinct volcanoes. We can easily shape the rock to suit a variety of needs.

If our quarry products need further screening before being added to your land, we offer affordable plant equipment hire, or you can take advantage of our professional contract screening service.

Coragulac Quarries service the following industries:

  • construction
  • commercial and industrial building
  • agricultural
  • landscaping
  • civil engineering.

We also provide quarry and landscape supplies to the general public. Please contact Coragulac Quarries for enquiries.