Colac red gravel

Coloured gravel is a versatile outdoor product, both for residential and industrial use. As well as being durable, it adds a splash of colour to any property. Coragulac Quarries is a specialist provider of red gravel to the Colac Otway Shire and across Geelong.

Red gravel from our quarry is most often used in farming – to build and seal laneways and tracks, as well as around animal troughs and gates to prevent problematic and messy mud build-ups. Gravel has the added benefit of being fire-retardant, making it a useful material for farms throughout the hot Australian summer.

Gravel is a hardy material, perfect for a huge range of functional and decorative applications, including:

  • paving footpaths and walkways
  • weed protection for gardens
  • driveways
  • erosion protection
  • tree bases
  • compost.

If you’re looking to add a decorative feature to your property, we also supply scoria rock around Colac.

We offer high-quality plant equipment hire, and our prompt and affordable delivery service ensures you can complete any DIY jobs without blowing the budget. Alternatively, we have the machinery to deliver, lay, compact and roll your gravel to achieve the desired effect.

Please contact Coragulac Quarries for more information or to request a quote.

Coloured gravel products available from our Colac quarry

  • red gravel.