Quarry products, Colac

With more than five decades’ experience at our Colac quarry, we’re the experts in high-quality, affordable quarry products. No matter whether you’re completing a home renovation job, a commercial landscape gardening project or working in an industrial environment, Coragulac Quarries has the products, expertise and machinery to satisfy any requirements.

Home projects and renovations

Many of our quarry products have multiple uses – our high-grade crushed basalt rock is ideal for driveways, footpaths and other heavy-traffic areas.

Red gravel is a popular alternative for those wanting to add a splash of colour to their outdoor entertaining area.

Commercial landscaping and gardening

If you want to create a stunning feature for any property, ensure optimum soil health with agricultural lime from our Colac quarry.

Crushed concrete and bricks are used to backfill retaining walls, and larger stones can be used to create landscape sculptures and other features. For added colour, choose purple-red scoria rock to create a centrepiece.

Industrial applications

Ag lime can be used in power stations to reduce emissions, while quarry aggregates create excellent pipe bedding and protect entrances to worksites from erosion and weathering.

Our crushed rock and concrete is also a common product used in road construction and repair.

If you’re looking for expertise in farm management, we also offer laneway construction and soil screening services.

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Ag Lime

If you need a corrective substance for the soil on your property, Coragulac Quarries are the experts in agricultural lime across the Colac Otway Shire and Geelong. Our limestone quarry provides a high-quality, affordable method to increase plant growth – leading to higher crop yields and better grazing for animals. Agricultural lime, or ag lime, is...

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Crushed Concrete & Brick

Recycling concrete is an environmentally friendly practice growing in popularity. When concrete buildings and other structures are demolished, the aggregate can be transported to a quarry for crushing and recycling. At Coragulac Quarries, we can crush concrete aggregate for re-use. The concrete must be free from contaminants like wood and paper and other rubbish, and the...

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Crushed Rock

Crushed rock is one of the most versatile building materials. Ideal for a huge range of uses, and an affordable option for domestic and commercial builders alike, Coragulac Quarries produces a very high grade of basalt rock. We have more than 50 years’ experience as Colac’s crushed rock suppliers, whether helping mum and dad lay a...

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Drainage Rock

Aggregate, also sometimes called drainage rock, is a multipurpose building material. The rocks, available in various sizes are an economic option for residential and commercial builders alike, as well as industrial sites. If you’re looking for high-quality quarry aggregate around Colac, come to the experts at Coragulac Quarries. Aggregates are an environmentally friendly choice, comprised of recycled crushed...

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Red Gravel

Coloured gravel is a versatile outdoor product, both for residential and industrial use. As well as being durable, it adds a splash of colour to any property. Coragulac Quarries is a specialist provider of red gravel to the Colac Otway Shire and across Geelong. Red gravel from our quarry is most often used in farming – to...

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Scoria is a dark-coloured volcanic rock, generally found in blacks and browns through to purples and reds. It’s categorised by vesicles – cavities in the rocks, created by volcanic gases as magma erupts, travelling and cooling to lava. Coragulac Quarries produces high-grade scoria for Colac and Geelong. One of the main benefits of scoria rock...

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Wombat (Volcanic Tuff)

Volcanic tuff rock has been used in construction since ancient times. Tuff is compacted volcanic material, formed during an eruption when ash and other sedimentary materials settle around the rim and sides of the volcano. These deposits mix with surface conditions, including air, water and lava as it travels and cools, and are compacted into...

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