Chook manure, Colac

If your home-grown vegetables and fruit seem below-par, or the trees and plants in your garden are malnourished or dying, it could be due to poor soil health. Come to the experts at Coragulac Quarries for high-quality and highly effective chook manure across Colac and Geelong districts.

One of the simplest ways to improve soil health is using chook manure. As it decomposes, the manure returns organic matter to the soil while retaining a stable soil composition in terms of acidity. Improved organic matter helps reduce weed growth and allows more nutrients for better growth of vegetables, trees, grass and other plants.

Chook manure is widely regarded as one of the most nutrient-rich manures, due to the diet of laying hens. The composition of the manure depends on a range of factors:

  • age of the animals
  • diet
  • lifestyle and surroundings.

Contact Coragulac Quarries‘ experts about the ideal composition for your individual purpose. We’ll take into account the age of the soil, the type of plants or trees you’re growing and any other relevant surrounding conditions and deliver the right amount of chook manure for the desired result.

Chook manure is often mixed with other products, like pine garden mulch for optimal fertilisation of lawns and vegetable gardens. If you choose to combine mulch and manure, we offer compost and fertiliser screening services in Colac to ensure the best results.